Jan Koch

Jan Koch

Who is responsible for content on BestMailOrderBrides.info? It’s Jan Koch, a person who knows everything about engaging readers, promoting content, and communicating with foreign ladies.

We can describe him as a person who is detail-oriented, empathetic, and skilled in using humor and drama. He held several editorial positions before applying for the position of our content creator. A rich working experience helps Jan see the nitty-gritty of all articles and make sure they find their readers. When he worked for the magazine, it received a number of awards during his tenure, including a National Magazine Award, for general excellence.

Jan completed edX's courses on creative writing and holds a B.A. in history from New York University and an M.A. in English from the University of Columbia. His dedication helped our website come up with articles that include well-thought researches, statistics, graphs, and analysis of trends on international marriages and dating. Jan is into sociology, so he loves to investigate the specificities of women from different countries and find what they have in common with Western men.

Also, Jan knows a lot about SEO, and this knowledge helps him make sure our website ranks high. He believes that nowadays, people are too overwhelmed with information, so it's necessary to make sure they consume only high-quality content, and he does so by keeping an eye on our website's articles.

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