Best Mail Order Brides – Do They Really Exist And Where To Find Them?

Beautiful mail order brides (MOBs) are really gorgeous. Men who find out that they exist start looking for ways to meet them, and often find out that it is not this easy. Furthermore, some of them still have doubts about these ladies and their motivation. We will reveal all the secrets about this industry, so keep reading!

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Who are mail-order-brides and what is their motivation?

Do mail order bride exist? Yes, they do. Moreover, there are tens of thousands of single women who are looking for love on the Internet, or more accurately, on dating websites. In fact, they are just foreign girls who do not mind moving to their husband’s country. People say that these girls are beautiful, but why would a pretty lady change their lives completely, leave friends and family to live in another country with a new boyfriend? Well, this is a good question. There are a few most common reasons why these girls do it:

  • Social & economic reasons. What exactly do we mean by social reasons? The thing is that different countries have different traditions and beliefs. For instance, there are places where single girls in their 30s are considered spinsters, and they are looking for a husband because of social pressure. As for economic reasons, we do not want to say that the only thing these ladies are interested in is money. They just want a better future in a better country for their children.
  • Heartbreak. There is no secret that a lot of girls are searching for a husband abroad because they are disappointed in local guys. Some of them have never been married, some of them are divorced, and all of them are looking for a man who will respect their feelings.
  • Attraction to foreigners. You would be surprised to know how many girls from some countries like foreigners, in particular, Americans and Europeans. This is quite typical for the Asian region and Cuba – men there feel like rock stars.
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Why use mail order brides sites to find a wife

Why not use Tinder instead of an international website? Why not try to meet a nice and pretty woman in a bar or in a night club? Here are the answers:

  • It is much cheaper than dating women from your city – the membership on a site costs less than a few dinners;
  • It is easier to find a girl who meets all your criteria;
  • You know that she wants the same;
  • All girls are ready for a serious relationship;
  • You can make phone and video calls, send messages, i.e., keep in touch with your girlfriend even on the go.

How our experts work

On, you can find the unbiased reviews of the top dating websites. Our experts work hard to make the site the best advisor in the industry. But what is special about it?

Only the safest mail order brides websites

Our best specialists make a lot of effort to choose only top websites. It takes about a week to check one platform, and the very fact that we have analyzed it does not mean that we will recommend this website to our readers. We consider all the most significant aspects as well as criteria that may seem unimportant to provide you with the list of safest websites.

No sponsorship

We are not sponsored by dating sites. Moreover, we do not write reviews for money. On, you will find only the safest sites that were carefully analyzed by our best experts. We pay much attention even to the smallest details, and we never recommend platforms that have at least one significant disadvantage.

Breaking the stereotypes

People who claim that something is perfect just do not have enough information. We know much about online dating, but we do not want to say that this industry does not have any weaknesses. Nevertheless, we also believe that myths and misconceptions are no good. That is why we provide our readers with the most relevant info on the topic, break the myths, and warn them of possible risks.

Ethical issues in dating foreign mail order brides

So, now you know the answer to the question, “What does mail order bride mean?” However, many men still have doubts about looking for bride overseas. They are mostly related to the ethical issues – some people are skeptical about such type of relationship.

The thing is that a few decades ago men really could buy a bride, but everything has changed. People are not embarrassed about meeting someone on the web. What is the difference between good old Tinder and international dating agencies? It is in the associations. The question is if you let the stereotypes stop you from changing your life. Mail order bride is not a girl for sale – she is a woman who is seeking love, too. The rest is up to you.

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How to win a MOB’s heart: expenses, dating strategy, and other aspects

Now you know more about foreign brides and who they really are. Still, there are a few more significant things to consider. Below, we have answered the frequently asked questions about relationships with these ladies and the industry as a whole.

How can I get a lady’s attention?

After you create a profile and verify it, you will be able to contact other members. The sets of features are different, but most sites provide men and women with an opportunity to send text messages, letters, “flirts,” gifts, and stickers. You can choose any of these options to get a lady’s attention. Of course, an interesting, creative message may be better, but the truth is if a lady likes your photos and profile, she will text you back anyway.

How much do I need to spend to build a relationship?

It depends on the strategy you use and on how lucky you are. Some guys choose a random girl, and she turns out to be the one. Some men spend a few months on the site before they find their matches. If you want to cut costs, use extended search to find women who meet your criteria, upload good photos (this has a direct impact on the response rate), and contact every girl you like. Male members usually spend from $10 to $60 on dating services per month, so the faster you find the right woman, the less you will pay.

How long does it take to marry a girl?

As mentioned above, it depends on several factors, including luck. In overall, men spend on the site about a year before they find a wife online.

The legality of the business

We bet you do not want to get in trouble with the law. The good news is serious dating sites for marriage are completely legal. They do not provide any illegal services, and the profiles that seem suspicious are suspended immediately. Members can report a scam, contact support on any bride dating site.

If you want to know more about a platform that you are going to choose, just carefully read the info in the Terms and Conditions. We also recommend you to read the information in the About Us section: good sites always provide visitors with the info on their location, contact details, etc.

Breaking the myths about foreign ladies

Why do not all single men use dating services? Why pay for dating services? Why incredibly hot girls date older men? These and many other questions are frequently asked by skeptics who believe that marriages with foreign girls do not work. We will not say that everything is perfect and that people never face any challenges when dating a girl from the other part of the world.

Where to buy a woman?

Buying a bride is not something you can really do in 2019. Such marriages are discouraged by some people because they think that rich men still can buy a girl from Cuba or Peru and make her do whatever they want. This is a misconception. The fact that a woman is from a poor country does not mean that she is a servant. Moreover, dating sites and agencies are legal companies that do not want to get in trouble with the law. Even if you try to find a company that would sell you a bride, you will hardly succeed.

It is a bride scam

Our team is creating content for the site specializing in reviewing companies. We really know much about the agencies and sites that offer guys to meet girls from another part of the world. Not all of them are good, trusted firms. Still, there are dozens of niche sites with real women, great features, and reasonable prices. You only need to distinguish such platforms from suspicious, unreliable places where you can spend a fortune and get nothing. We work hard to help you do that.

She will leave you and take all your money

The third myth is even bigger than the previous ones. It is based on the firm belief that all these women are gold-diggers. We have already listed their motives, and nearly all of them are not related to money at all. Nowadays, even in developing countries, women can build careers, earn money, and live without men. But no one wants to be lonely.

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